Saturday, May 24, 2008


Vote for Obama!!!!
Really! I've found the perfect way to increase the economy and raise the confidence in America, and that would be to vote for Obama. Here's why-
Once Obama is in the highest chair in the free world the African-American community can rejoice. One of their own has "MADE IT". The pinnacle They no longer have and excuse for the failures of life or that "the man" is holding them back. No one to blame anymore. They will be able to look in the mirror with pride and finally like who they are.
Unemployment will drop as each will find a job now that the mentality of victim hood disappears. This increases the tax rolls that Government collects and stimulates the economy with the increased wealth of people.
As gainful employment increases the Welfare rolls should decrease, reducing the payments that the Government send out monthly.
More individuals than ever will have health care since they have employment. More people will have access to the care that they need.
African-Americans will raise up and throw off the shackles of drugs and aspire to follow in the footsteps of our National leader.
America will finally reach that "Great Society" envisioned by some white guy in the sixties. We will truly be free of racism and bigotry. The have-nots will have. America will be a Utopia and Obama only has to be elected. He doesn't even need a platform or policy. The struggle for equality and freedom will be met and African-Americans, no longer having excuses, will take their rightful places side by side with their brothers and sisters. No more barriers. No more African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, etc., just simply AMERICAN, and proud of it!
Hold it-what am I doing? Smoking CRACK????? HA- What a pipe dream! This stuff hasn't happened in the past forty years of their greatest opportunity, and only something like the "Second Coming" would even dent it.
Never mind- it wouldn't work.
I know! Let's pass legislation stating that everyone is equal.....wait, already done....How about everyone done too.Wait, UUUHHHHH, I'll think of something......Forget it I'll just dream on.........

Friday, May 23, 2008


Wow! Barrels of gas seem to be breaking records daily. A gallon of gas continues to inch to the 4 dollar mark nationally, and in many places have already surpassed it.
Congress recently demanded that the leaders of "Big Oil" come before them and explain why the price of oil and gas is so high. Congress was informed that America's demand was greater than its supply and that current legislation prohibited "Big Oil" companies from searching and drilling and building refineries. Congress should already know this! They passed the legislation!
Yes, America's demand for gas far out paces its supply. And instead of being able to drill off our coasts and build refineries to meet that demand so that we can wean ourselves from the teat of OPEC, Congresses solution is to SOCIALIZE the oil companies. You read this right, a congresswoman is on record that the Government would "take over" the oil and gas companies.
Socialism creeping, no- marching lockstep into America! Remember Russians walking into stores with little to nothing on the shelves? Inflation rampant-untold amount of Rubles to pay for very little. Remember long lines at the gas pump waiting to fill your car in the 70's? Are you ready to spend your whole paycheck just to fill your car?
The Liberal agenda as followed by Obama, Clinton and the Democrats in congress believe that we Americans are not capable enough to care for ourselves, and that Government could do a better job. I mean, look at how good our highways and bridges are maintained-many of them not able to support the streams of vehicles and are in bad repair. Look at the beauty of Medicare and Medicaid-Welfare at its finest. Watch how well the Democrats work with others, especially with their belief that if you don't agree with their side you must be simple minded or a bigot.
*Government controlled health care
*Government controlled welfare
*Government controlled oil and gas
*Government controlled communication
*Open access borders
*Subservience to the United Nations
*Fear of world opinion
*Cowardice in self preservation

The list goes on and on. Are you ready to start speaking Russian?
I say NYET!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


What an amazing election year this has turned out to be. Think about it... the first African American, the first woman and a geriatric!
Conviction, responsibility, courage, strength, hope, liberty, justice, these are what makes America GREAT! But this could all change dramatically come November if we let it.
For the past year Barak Obama has been getting a free ride from the Liberal media. Their collective lips have been firmly attached to Obama's butt, not caring that he has no platform or policy to speak of.
Let's look at his Mantra for "change". Change for who? Well, look at his belief system: Black Liberation Theology. This theology or belief has at its core a message of hate. Observe, Obama's spiritual advisor, Reverend Wright looks up to and praises a man named James Cone who has written a book called Black Power and Black Theology. Here's a quote "Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community. Black theology will accept only the love of God who participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in black power which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love."
WOW! So full of hate. Aren't you curious if this is truly Obama's stance? You'd be considered a racist if you asked. You know, after sitting for 20 years in church listening to your Spiritual Mentor spewing words of hate and separation it HAS to have had a profound affect. Remember-Obama did not leave. No Barak has shown no courage in standing up for his beliefs. Yes, yes he cut ties with Reverend Wright, but that was political expedience, not the strong courageous man of change he purports to be. Nope-just another Politician.
If that doesn't bother you, here's another; Black Liberation Theology follow Marxist ideologies. And you better believe that Barak's elitist mind blankets that belief. Listen to Obama rallying for "Universal Healthcare". Translation- the government controls every aspect of your health. Listen to Obama speak about increasing the taxes on the wealthy. Translation- redistribution of wealth. All Marxist ideals! And both of these "ideas" of "change" are not "new"! Democrats and Liberals have been attempting to socialize America for years! Didn't they see that socialism didn't work for the Soviet Union? Apparently not!
Next, Black Liberation Theology preaches and reinforces the idea of victim-hood within the black community. Skeptical? Have you not heard Barak's wife state that she has never been as "proud" of her country as she is now, now that her husband is soooooo close to the throne....I mean seat of POWER. And that when elected they can take from the rich and pay back the ancestors of slave owners.
How about Barak's "association" with a known tenured terrorist, William Ayers? The Liberal media, lips still firmly attached to the backside of the Obama Machine, simply shrug their shoulders and turn a blind eye. After all it is difficult to speak up with your mouth full.
How can these ideas just pass by the American public without Questions? Courageous people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others have the courage to ask and are vilified. My hat is off to these guys. Here's my answer to the question: reverse discrimination pure and simple. If a white person held these beliefs, other than in Louisiana, he or she would be considered a bigot or racist and never play on the political stage. Howard Dean lost a nomination for President simply because he was overly exuberant. This is much, much worse.
Is the America I grew up in afraid to pick itself up by the boot straps and say a collective "NO" to the changes that Barak would implement? I surely hope so.
If not, by this time next year the vodka's on me!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ya' know what happiness is? Dancin' and playin' for an hour with both my beautiful, happy daughters: Donna and Billie Raye.
Jump Rope, Ring-Around-The-Roses and being the horsie for my kids never felt so exhaustively fun. I was also the Big Bad Dragon that was slain horriffically by Sir Donna, who saved Princess Billye Raye. WHAT FUN--FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!
I can appreciate that now because it was not always so.
You see, I'm an addict and I'm being brought back to life again! Brought back through GOD, friends, family, my 12-step group, therapy and especially my wife Mindy- who has never given up on me.
I nearly had to loose everything to see that I already had it. The drugs numbed my emotions and senses and I avoided everyone around me.
I'm on the road to Recovery and I'm excited to be happy and at peace again. I've been gone for too long.
If you would like my story into and out of addiction, or just have questions about addiction or recovery, let me know in your comments.
Hmmmmm......... I think tommorrow the dragon's gonna win-regardless it's gonna' be fun!!!!!!
It's now official! My very first Blog. I know you're ready for it. Just think, comments that during the regular course of the day or week that come up and are silly, provocative, informative and hopefully timely. This brain is fertile ground and all topics are fair game.